What a day!  What a sweet couple.  Seriously.  These two were great to film and hang with for the day.  And welcome to The Omni La Costa Resort & Spa by the way.  If you haven’t been there before, you wouldn’t believe you are in San Diego.  Technically, Carlsbad.  This is definitely a great stay-cation spot to note for the future.  It’s beautiful, it’s huge, multiple pools, private large guest rooms…it’s perfect for a resort getaway.  And perfect for a wedding!  Christina and Richard had laid out an awesome day with their family and friends.  We started early with the bride and groom preparation at the resort in their rooms.  From there they had the ceremony and reception at the resort as well.

It’s funny because from our filming and video perspective, you think to yourself, “Great! The Preparation, First Look, Ceremony and Reception are all at the same venue!”  No driving around across town, loading, unloading, location to location on a strict timeline.  That can be challenging at times.  This was all at the same place.  Well….did I mention the resort is Uuuuuge?  You should have seen us schlepping our gear all over, it was hilarious.  I can’t complain.  We loved it and do it all the time.  We just looked extra foolish (I’m sure) at times running across the grounds, sweating, as the guests and tourists stared at us as they waited for their valet, or for their fruity drinks.  Part of the fun.  It just reminded me that I need to invest in a cart!  And how easy photographers have it.  I digress.

Everything went off as smooth as possible.  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a great time.  We had a blast.  On top of that, we were pretty pumped when Richard and Christina (more Richard) requested we bring one of our drones.  We love getting to fly and include it in our wedding films.  The aerial shots turned out pretty sweet actually.  Plenty more of them in their full length video.

Big shout out to Laura Rizzo from Weddings By Design for introducing us to the couple.

Thank you again for having us.  Enjoy the highlights.  Cheers.