For the record…prior to this video shoot, I was not a major modern luxury car enthusiast.  I may be now.  Maybe.  I definitely got pumped up for this one.  We were recently contacted by the La Jolla Dealership O’Gara Coach to help film and cover the media and video production of their recent Grand Opening.

The Mission: Film and live stream footage from the Grand Opening Red Carpet event, mix in some of their marketing videos into the live stream, insert live social media feeds, logos… all onto about 20 different flat screens spread throughout the event.  No sweat, right?  All while syncing and flowing with a DJ and his live music, lights, photobooths, models, a huge Tiger Woods Golf Simulator and more.  Fun.  Let me point something out… this is a car dealership, not a multi media venue.  Stressful, but fun!  It was a full day and a half setup of cable runs, wiring, mounting projectors, testing videos, testing lighting, arranging the layout and more.  We brought in and teamed up with the Rentals guys here in the building to help with the heavy lifting. During the red carpet event, the General Manager of the dealership gave a presentation and the owner also spoke as well.  So we broke the other feeds and cut to his live presentation, premiered a new video on the feed for them, and everything went off without a hitch.  It was a great time and a beautiful event that they put on.  It was definitely a fun time.  We were very thankful for the opportunity.

Speaking of opportunities…how often are you in a showroom with several million dollars (or more) of some of the nicest luxury cars around?  Just ourselves, the cars, and a camera.  We had the opportunity to put together a social media video in addition to a highlight film of the event.  Shot, cut, and loaded online in a manner of hours.  Enjoy.

And here’s a link to a highlight video we put together afterwards…