What happens when we get to spend several days shooting in the beautiful town of Encinitas (Coastal San Diego County)?  We over shoot!  Too much fun.  I could shoot there anytime, any day, just name it.

We are more than excited to share this video and the story behind it.  We had the pleasure of connecting with Encinitas Coast Life, a Real Estate and Lifestyle Marketing company representing the heart and soul of Encinitas, CA.  They are Realtors by trade, and being community ambassadors for their awesome home town is a no-brainer for them and the perfect fit for marketing themselves, their business, and their community.

Once we met them, we completely understood and loved their passion for their town.  The question was, how can we make a video that shows off their community, but not feel like a typical “Real Estate” Marketing Video.  Good question.  So, we collaborated together on the idea of just making a stellar lifestyle video of Encinitas… why people love Encinitas, and showing off the insights and local culture that everybody would agree is part of why you want to live in Encinitas.  Oh, and in only 2-3 minutes.  We emphasized the notion NOT to feel obligated to make this about Real Estate and selling homes, but to make it more about the feel and lifestyle of the little town in itself.

So, we narrowed down several favorite local establishments, got their permission to let us hang and film with them, and had a blast filming for the week.  Some of our favs were getting behind the bar at Ironsmith Coffee Roasters and learning how much attention to detail they put into their roasting process.  We fearlessly sweat it out in 100+ degree temps at a Yoga Tropics class.  We literally were dripping sweat in the short amount of time we were there.  Most memorable of all, would probably be the sunrise surf session with some of their buddies.  We brought out our drone for some pretty epic aerial shots, and even got in the water as well.

Sometimes our work is not quite “work”.

Overall, we love the video, the music track that sets the tone, and we feel pretty good about nailing the culture and vibe of the town.  Who doesn’t love seeing a vintage VW surf bus?

Since we captured tons and tons of footage from each location, we now have plenty of footage for Encinitas Coast Life to pull from when they want to do short social media clips, quick email teasers, or to offer specific marketing videos to each of the establishments that generously offered to be a part of the video.

We hope you enjoy the video.

Special Thanks to : Ironsmith Coffee Roasters, Yoga Tropics, D Street Bar and Grill, Encinitas Ranch Golf Course

Encinitas Coast Life.  Own Your Story.  Live The Coast Life.