Lone Star Twang. Windy City grit. West Coast bent. Meet Trevor McSpadden. Pretty pumped on this one and the opportunity to shoot, direct, and put this little piece together for Trevor McSpadden and his band. Trevor was releasing his new single “April’s Fool” on April Fool’s┬áDay. And he wanted to release a video along with the track. They are rolling out a whole new marketing and distribution campaign and it’s turning into a perfect fit for us to provide new video content and collaborate with them.

The goal was to capture them performing so they can continue to market themselves to venues and for future gigs. We wanted to do a little more than just throw a few cameras up at one of their live performances…that’s too easy. So we went to their buddy’s (bass player) sweet home here in San Diego where they often jam and rehearse and had some fun filming with them during one of their sessions. That room was awesome. ┬áCheck out the decor and eclectic pieces. We had to shoot in there! Originally, we bounced the ideas around of filming at a local venue, renting studio space, or finding an artsy space for them. Trevor sent me pics of this room, and we all agreed this was perfect. It’s home for them anyways!

We have to admit, we really started to love the track. It grows on you. Don’t be surprised if you start tapping your foot and moving your head a little there.

Cheers to Trevor and the guys. It was a treat to work with talented musicians and a great group of guys. Enjoy the track. Lookout for more to come.