This was really a special one.  These two were as magnetic and as perfect of a couple ready to be wed as can be.  Smiles and laughter all around by all.  Including us!  It really is the main reason we love to film and be a part of a wedding day.  The couple.  Their families.  Their friends.  The dancing!

Brittany and Kyle started their day downtown, San Diego at The Omni Hotel.  They had a sweet First Look on the roof top of the hotel, all to themselves.  The views from the Omni were awesome.  I thought it was nice that the hotel gave us access to that spot, so that they could have that moment to themselves.  Sometimes the photographers and us have to improvise for a First Look spot, so I appreciated the privacy and views.

From there, they had a beautiful ceremony at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Lakeside.  It was neat to learn that Brittany’s father had a hand in building and remodeling of the actual church, years ago, so getting to walk his daughter down the aisle that he had a part of laying down, was pretty special to witness.  Afterwards, we jumped back in our cars and they celebrated and had their reception at The Luce Loft back downtown in San Diego.  It was the first time shooting at that reception venue for us.  I’m a fan.  I’m usually drawn more towards the outdoor venues, the natural settings, but this had a real cool warehouse/industrial feel to it, and Brittany and Kyle added their own flair and personal touch nicely.  It was also nice to cruise outside downtown with them for some late night filming as well.

Overall, we loved the ease and the sweetness of how the two carried themselves throughout the day, and with each other, and had a great time spending the day with them.

Tons and tons of great footage. Enjoy some of the highlights. Cheers.