“Who still uses CDs and DVDs these days?”

“My Apple computer doesn’t even have a disc drive.”

Digital download this.  USB drive that.  iTunes this.  Netflix that.  Contrary to what everybody is trying to tell us, and tell you, we’re here to shed a little light about the shelf life of CDs and DVDs.  Bear with us, for just a moment.

It would be foolish of us to deny the steady decline in CD/DVD and BluRay media sales and use of that platform.  Absolutely, we have many clients that no longer need discs for whatever the reason.  My car stereo no longer has a tape deck for crying out loud.  It’s been replaced with an SD Card slot and a few other slots that I don’t even recognize.  Technology changes.  We have completely embraced that and continue to evolve with the growth of all these new devices, platforms, clouds, and portals.  We use them daily here at SDAV for file sharing, transferring, and getting final products and projects out and online.  However, we believe there is still something to be said about the old fashion discs and physical products.  There’s a good chance they are still going to be around for a little while longer.  So don’t you worry Mister Gigging Singer Songwriter.  We got your back Missus Indie Filmmaker.

We’ve built our company  to support local musicians, filmmakers, business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers and presenters of all backgrounds.  Many of those professions require them to be in front of people and crowds regularly.  For performing, demonstrating, speaking, training…and SELLING.  Selling their services.  Selling a sales technique.  Selling their expertise, knowledge, the tricks of their trade and industry.  Music.  Films.  You name it.

With social media and web platforms at our fingertips, it’s important to have your products online.  We also recognize that professionals need to have a physical CD/DVD product with them to sell at their next engagement.  You have a small window of time to close a sale after your presentation, your concert, and film screening.  So you sell your books, your CDs, and DVDs right then and there at your merchandise table, right?  Yes!  You probably even offer a Sale or Promotion for buying NOW or TODAY ONLY.  If you choose not to bring any product and just direct people to your site, you lose a significant % of those sales for not closing them on the spot.  It’s vital for your customer to walk away from your event with an opportunity to take your product home with them.  If you rely on them finding you online hours and days later, the % of those customers getting lost on the way or simply forgetting is not in your favor.  So you have to sell right there!  You sign your books in person and you sign your CDs with a smile right on the spot.  $10 here, $20 there, t shirts, CDs, DVDs and books.  It all adds up and is an important revenue stream that every promotional professional should keep in mind and be practicing.  Have both options!  We can help with both your digital files, downloads and your physical inventory.

Who knows how long CDs and DVDs are honestly going to last?  All we know is that our duplicators and replication lines are busy all hours of the day.  BluRay orders as well.  The USB drives are a great useful tool, but they are more expensive per unit and not exactly replacing the playable discs.  Big box players like Apple continue to influence the field, so we may just have to wait and see what’s the next big thing.  Until then, we’ll continue providing both discs and drives.