Save The Date…April 27-30, 2017.  Art Alive.  Bloom Bash.

Local press at your upcoming fundraiser?  Check.  Photography?  Check.  Email newsletters and Social Media blasts?  Check.  Video?  Yes!  Do it.

What a blast.  We’re so glad we had a chance to film this year’s Art Alive / Bloom Bash at San Diego Museum of Art.  What an event.  Great food, spirits, and plenty of excitement and energy.  All for a good cause in supporting our local museum.  We hung around and “worked”, capturing as much video footage of the art, the patrons and guests, and the over all great times.  There were dozens of local food and drink sponsors, everything from high profile restaurants, to donuts, and liquor.  And of course the Patron girls that love to find their way on camera.

Photos are great to capture all of the candid, red carpet, and photo booth type of fun.  It’s great for your future publications, posts, and press releases.  We think that video just adds another great element to not only highlight how the event went, but to use in your future campaigns to promote next year’s event.  The museum has hundreds and thousands of members, donors, and high profile local partners.  What better way to show them a glimpse of what is to come, and to connect, with the addition of short video clips similar to this.

We can’t wait for the next one.

Enjoy the highlights.

San Diego Museum of Art. SDMART. Balboa Park, San Diego. Bloom Bash 2016.