We cannot get enough of The Bridges at Rancho Sante Fe.  Can you blame us?

Real Estate listing videos have come a long way.  We love when our clients are open to us going all out and not holding back with the types of shots and style that we feel would add value to their existing marketing campaign.  And at The Bridges, there’s no holding back.  And let’s be honest, we are not “cookie cutter”, template type of content creators.  We really enjoy personalizing, and customizing our videos for each property, estate, agent, and community.  We spend a lot of time learning about the home, and what our client’s expectations are and working together with them to learn how we can provide an excellent finished product.  Ultimately, we want to help our client attract buyers and sellers and support their brand at the same time.

With the estates inside The Bridges, we really love to feature the exclusive community, in addition to the beautiful home.  So, we find a nice balance of footage from the neighborhood, plus the home and the amazing features, and strive to make it flow effortlessly.  Some videos do not need a voice over.  Some videos do.  We like the addition of a voice over and what it brings and adds to the video.  From our perspective, combining the voice over and a music track helps hold the video together.  It’s helps make it all cohesive which allows it to flow nicely.  And that’s part of the fun…writing out some copy that help detail the features, searching for music that also fits the style of the home, and editing it all together.  Flying drones and filming around the beautiful community is pretty fun, too.

Enjoy the latest from The Bridges at Rancho Sante Fe.