Introducing the Phi Tee Tail golf towel.

One of the things we enjoy the most with brand new products, is that there are several different directions you can take the video. Informational? Narrative? Testimonial? Infomercial? What works best for our client and the current stage that he’s in with his product? We thrive off getting to learn about the product. We love working with the excitement and passion behind the entrepreneur as well. They often have a lot of great ideas to contribute, and this project was no exception.

In collaboration with our client, we story boarded, scripted, and shot this video both on the golf course and in our SDAV studio. The goal for our client was to really hammer home the functionality of what his product is, and the features. He didn’t want anybody to be uncertain about what the the product is. It’s a golf towel! He wanted to forego the stylish lifestyle type of footage and narrative. He wanted to pass on the “fluff” and get right to the point. We can save those types of marketing videos and commercials for later down the line.

So, we headed out to The Country Club of Rancho Bernardo and had the course to ourselves. Our client is well connected with pro and amateur golfers and he lined up a couple of them to join us for the majority of the key shots.  It went smooth and was awesome getting to work with talented golfers that could really help sell the product.

We love how the shots turned out, especially the tee shots with the jib and slow motion.  Our client is going to be launching a big social media campaign, so we added text on the screen which is great for Facebook and social media apps that do not play sound automatically.

Stay tuned for more Phi Tee products.