Hooray!  It’s taken a little time, but the San Diego Real Estate industry is finally jumping in with both feet, and utilizing the benefits of video in their marketing campaigns.  And we couldn’t be more excited.  For years, we’ve been pitching and quoting agents to let us film and profile their next listing, their community, and to use video to help with their business, website etc.  I can’t tell you how often I would get this response…”Yeah, actually I already have photos.”  Oh, that’s funny.  I said video, not photography.  V I D E O.  There’s a difference.  Or another favorite response,”We use our little camcorder in our office or our iPad.” No comment.

It’s no secret that video marketing has grown tremendously the last few years.  I’ll spare you the percentages and statistics.  That’s another blog entry.  With video, we can give true virtual tours, we can highlight and feature details about your listing, or about your community, that perhaps a still photo most likely can’t.  In the short 90 seconds, to 2 minutes that we have your attention span, with video we can showcase and describe the amenities of the house, the unique and custom material that the architect and developer used to build the home, or the award winning schools that are only blocks away from your listing.  Many of these details are invaluable to your listing and might not come across the same in your photos or Zillow and Trulia listings.

We love the opportunity to get to know the agent, the home and the community.  What’s special about it?  What is different?  Why do people want to live here?  What’s the neighborhood like?  And then we put together the story and the message that is best to deliver.  Finally, we go have some fun with filming it all!  Video equipment and technology keeps improving and the tools that we have still impress ourselves everyday.  Who knew, we would be flying drones over golf courses and vineyards to show off how beautiful the grounds are in the neighborhood of your listing?

Our feeling is that video is complimentary to your photos and your website listing and all of the other social media outlets that you use.  The photos are extremely important for your site, your brochures, and your flyers.  The video is to dig even deeper and really grab your potential client or viewer’s attention.  Out of town buyer?  International perhaps?  Send them the video.  It’s proving to work and help reach more people.  I also think it’s a great tool to show to sellers and prospects that you have a robust marketing plan which includes video.  So even after your listing sells, your videos are still helping market your business.

This video is one of our latest.  The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe.  I can’t say enough about this community.  It’s one of the most exclusive around.  Tuscan inspired homes, citrus groves, vineyards, an amazing world class clubhouse…who wouldn’t want to live there?

We had a great time running around and filming on their property.  It really is one of the more unique, and nicest around that we’ve had the honor to be in.  There literally isn’t a bad shot to get of that home or the community.  Everybody was amazing to work with there as well.  Enjoy.